Moving Forward

Angie FriesenBlog

Hope Community Church is my home. It is where I have “grown up” in my faith, raised 5 kids, and attended for the past 24 years. For the last 17 years I have had the … Read More

We Are All Broken

Steve WeldonBlog

The other day, in two separate conversations with two different people, there emerged a common topic. To put it very simple and straightforward, it was the topic of how we need to be very cautious … Read More

Three Enemies in Our Fight for Joy

Mark HersheyBlog

In my quest for seeing the Lord’s hand and blessings in the day to day, I’ve noticed a few enemies that stand in the way of this search for joy. To know thy enemy is … Read More

Hand It Over

Steve WeldonBlog

Has anyone ever “taken on” anything for you? Has anyone ever helped you out when you were unable to help yourself? When Sharon and I were newly married, during an especially brutally cold and snowy … Read More

What in the World Does God Want Me To Do?

Mark HersheyBlog

This past week I attended a funeral for a man who faithfully served the people of Wichita for many years. Doug Lockett organized, cooked and served a large weekly meal for anyone who was hungry. … Read More


Steve WeldonBlog

Sometimes stopping and losing a particular battle is the wisest and superior course of action in order to win the war.  But even so, I have never been one who finds it easy to turn … Read More

Heading Out on Sabbatical

Nick MartineauBlog

  Next week I will be heading out on a seven-week Sabbatical. I am incredibly grateful for this extended time to rest, pray, connect with our Heavenly Father; I’m also grateful for the opportunity it … Read More

We Are All in Recovery

Charlie WellsBlog

I am a believer that all of us are in recovery. Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” … Read More

Baptism Rain

Nick MartineauBlog

A memory I had all but forgotten came back to me this past week. It was a memory about my grandma, and how one day, with dark ominous clouds in the sky, she proclaimed that … Read More

Poured Out

Nick MartineauBlog

All three of my kids love to swim and play in water, so a few years ago we took our kids to the ocean. They were amazed by the vastness of God’s creation and that … Read More