Hand It Over

Steve WeldonBlog

Has anyone ever “taken on” anything for you? Has anyone ever helped you out when you were unable to help yourself? When Sharon and I were newly married, during an especially brutally cold and snowy … Read More

What in the World Does God Want Me To Do?

Mark HersheyBlog

This past week I attended a funeral for a man who faithfully served the people of Wichita for many years. Doug Lockett organized, cooked and served a large weekly meal for anyone who was hungry. … Read More


Steve WeldonBlog

Sometimes stopping and losing a particular battle is the wisest and superior course of action in order to win the war.  But even so, I have never been one who finds it easy to turn … Read More

Heading Out on Sabbatical

Nick MartineauBlog

  Next week I will be heading out on a seven-week Sabbatical. I am incredibly grateful for this extended time to rest, pray, connect with our Heavenly Father; I’m also grateful for the opportunity it … Read More

We Are All in Recovery

Charlie WellsBlog

I am a believer that all of us are in recovery. Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” … Read More

Baptism Rain

Nick MartineauBlog

A memory I had all but forgotten came back to me this past week. It was a memory about my grandma, and how one day, with dark ominous clouds in the sky, she proclaimed that … Read More

Poured Out

Nick MartineauBlog

All three of my kids love to swim and play in water, so a few years ago we took our kids to the ocean. They were amazed by the vastness of God’s creation and that … Read More

I Am Peter. I Need Jesus.

Mark HersheyBlog

Last weekend twenty-five guys from Hope ventured down to Beaver Lake (Rodgers, Arkansas) for the annual Men’s Weekend. A few of us fished on a boat, some hiked along trails or explored some caves, while … Read More

Olders and Youngers

Nick MartineauBlog

A few years ago, my grandfather passed away, but before he did, he made a trip to Wichita to visit my family. My Grandpa was 94 years old and living in Sun City, Arizona. My … Read More

“It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way”

Nick MartineauBlog

The Raising More Hope People Campaign has truly been an amazing process. I have seen you all respond with an amazing amount of sacrifice and generosity…as well as patience, unity, and love. Thank you!   In … Read More