Make A Difference

Steve WeldonBlog

Make A Difference As the Founding Pastor of Hope Community Church, also affectionately known as the Grand Poobah, thirty years ago my main focus was our beginning. Then it shifted to our year-to-year calling of … Read More

There Is A Lot Going On

Nick MartineauBlog

There Is A Lot Going On Maybe you have noticed, but we’ve had a lot going on at Hope lately. Charlie Wells started as our new Executive Pastor, Ben and Callie are making a leap … Read More

The Call and God’s Timing

Ben OliverBlog

The Call and God’s Timing It’s been four years now that we have been here in Kansas.  Callie and I have told the Lord from the beginning that we would go wherever he called us … Read More

My Hope

Charlie WellsBlog

My Hope As Pastor Nick announced last weekend, I will be filling the vacant Executive Pastor role beginning August 25. I can’t express how excited and humbled my family and I are about this opportunity. … Read More

An Exciting Announcement

Nick MartineauBlog

An Exciting Announcement This past weekend I was able to announce something exciting, something that was a long time coming. Our Executive Pastor Search Team met for over seven months trying to find the perfect … Read More

What Season Are We In?

Nick MartineauBlog

What Season Are We In? This summer our family was given the gift of some time off, and we have tried to take full advantage of it. We drove through fourteen different states and put … Read More

Helpless, Not Hopeless

Ben GriffisBlog

Helpless, Not Hopeless Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a situation in which you had ZERO control and it felt like your life was over? I associate that same gut-wrenching feeling with … Read More

Why Wait Any Longer?

Nick MartineauBlog

Why Wait Any Longer? At Hope, we usually encourage people to wait for our Annual Baptism service to be baptized, but every once in a while there’s a situation that warrants not waiting. This past … Read More

Healthy Things Grow, Growing Things Change

Nick MartineauBlog

Healthy Things Grow, Growing Things Change Maybe you have heard it said that no one likes change, except for a wet baby. It’s mostly true. Most of us don’t like change, yet we live in … Read More


Mark HersheyBlog

Songs If you are like me, song lyrics and melodies easily get stuck in your head. I often find myself humming or quietly singly the words to some simple kid’s TV theme song or toy. … Read More